Products and Services

At Red Ball Radio we wear many hats.

Amongst our weaponry are such diverse elements as:

On-site car audio installation.

Prewire of  homes and businesses for  Audio/Video

Sales, installation  and setup of home Audio/Video

Minor repair to turntables (belts cartridges etc.), our audio repair service has been suspended as of May, 2020.

Sale and installation of  overhead projectors, screens and audio equipment for presentations or board rooms.

Acoustic treatment of  residential theatres  and commercial spaces.


Sound Treatment

Just how effective  is sound treatment? Check out these videos.


Here is the same hall but after  sound treatment by Red Ball Radio.


Click on the product for a link to their Website.

Home Video

 LG       SAMSUNG      JVC


Home Audio

Yamaha  Cambridge Audio  Paradigm Anthem Pioneer Bryston  Grado Rega NAD SONOS   Totem

Car Audio

Alpine Pioneer  Clarion


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