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From left to right:  Josh, Eric, Alex and Dave

Red Ball Radio Ltd.  had a humble but happy start at 133 Front St in Belleville.  The original  400 sq ft shop was strictly car audio sales and installation,  owned by me, Eric Lindenberg and Terry Moffatt. We slowly grew and were looking to expand.   William Lindenberg (my father), was operating Decibel Audio  from 6 North Front St, and was ready to retire. These factors , coupled with the sale of the property at 133 Front St was sufficient  impetus  to make the move to 6 North Front St.

We have slowly taken over the entire house and now boast 2 floors of Audio/Video including a dedicated theatre room.  We offer on-site installation of car audio and have our home and commercial  installation crew on the road 5 days  week.

Since 1983Buy Locally Owned

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