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4K? OK! OLED? O YEAH!  We carry the latest in 4K UHD TV’s from SAMSUNG and LG, including the best TV going, the LG  OLED TV.  What about 4K content? Although your cable or satellite feed is limited to 1080I resolution, fresh 4K content is readily available from NETFLIX and YOUTUBE. Our affiliation with 2001 Audio Video gives us access to the same pricing the big guys offer, but with our legendary service. Drop in for a demo today!


Bluetooth integration is the safe and legal  way for hands free mobile operation. We carry a wide selection of aftermarket head units from Pioneer,Clarion, and Alpine which offer Bluetooth connectivity as well as CD, USB, Aux, and Sirius XM.  Many newer vehicles can be readily switched over for less than $400. The coolest thing to come along in a while is Apple CarPlay. Manufacturers of car audio have been bragging about their smartphone interfaces: Which, if they did work at all,were clunky, buggy and totally distracting to use. Pioneer CarPlay just works. It is only available on a few head units so far, but gives seamless integration of an iPhone 5 and newer. Drop in for a demo. Sorry Android club.

Car Audio has evolved from big noisy subwoofers and amplifiers  in the 90’s to sophisticated entertainment systems today.  We have a great selection LCD touch screen head units with smartphone compatibility as well as speakers and amplifiers.  Many newer vehicles are not readily adaptable to aftermarket radios, we have the product and know how to make it happen.  Installation? No worries, we still install right here on site.

Car Audio

Our team is ready to assist you in selecting the right system for your home.  We can outfit you with multi-room audio/video, home theatre, 2 channel audio or  whatever suits your needs. Please call  (613) 962-1333 or email to book a consultation.

Home Audio

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